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Lacework Labs

Meet Lacework Labs - the dedicated research team at Lacework

Who We Are

Lacework Labs is the dedicated research team at Lacework. We decided to build with a focus on areas that we believe are not getting enough attention in the research community specifically around new threats and attack surface risks within the public cloud. Like any good research team, we use a combination of data-driven intelligence creation and our own expertise in the key areas we focus on. We use all kinds of buzzwords (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Honeypots, Honeytokens, etc….) to do this but let our results in our product efficacy, our published research, and our presentations to do the talking.

Our Vision

To be the trusted security research team that discovers, analyzes, and brings insight on all aspects of modern threats to organizations that operate in the cloud.

Our Mission

We perform innovative research for cloud security by; delivering excellence in efficacy, provide protection and intelligence for our customers, and are a contributing force to the security community at large.

Key Focus Areas

Our areas map to our goal around securing your public cloud infrastructure. In particular, the areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Risks and threats specifically for Cloud Service Providers (CSP’s) API’s and related services, IAM, and others
  • Malicious and unwanted Linux ELF binaries
  • Risk and threats specifically designed for containers and container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes
  • New attack surfaces that the public cloud exposes through additional services or deployment methods

Security for the Lacework Platform

We work together with our internal security teams to make sure that our platform is also protected. If you would like more information on the security of the Lacework platform, including how to report vulnerabilities, please visit